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Ravi Zacharias - The person behind his fall revealed

This is probably a slightly controversial title, often mistaken to be very "clickbaity". I promise it not!

Like the hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, I was an avid fan of Ravi. I had the opportunity to meet him in person once and his eloquence and demeanor were quite scintillating. He had a magical capability of drawing attention to himself with his fluency and wit. But little did I know that the person I once revered to be my role-model lived a secret double-life which was brought to light in the recent investigations.

Instead of being angry or disappointed, I went on a mission to understand how this all shaped up to be. I had always been opposed to Christian celebrity culture and was often chided for not being respectful towards leaders whom I found not worthy of. I had questioned leadership in the past which got me into a pile of trouble and was labeled a "traitor" many times for doing so. When I did my study on the events in Ravi's life, I was able to narrow down one of the culprits who deceived Ravi into doing what he himself preached against.

Be not surprised, you might know that person too. May God open our hearts to learn, discern and be humble. God bless you!

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