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The 4Ps of Biblical Leadership

Joseph excelled both as an individual and a leader. He approached life as a challenge and went head-on, overcoming every impediment focussing on his final target — which is to excel. He established himself as one of the finest leaders in one of the highly regarded civilizations known to mankind. Joseph stands tall as a leader even in today’s context and leaders can draw plenty of inspiration from his life to be successful like him.

In my book, "10 Pragmatic Leadership Principles from the Bible", chapter 4 is wholly dedicated to study the life of Joseph and to learn the leadership qualities he excels in. Here are the 4Ps he excelled in:

- Pit: Worthy of honor even as lowly as a pit

- Potiphar's house: Held on to integrity even at seductively enticing situations

- Prison: Adapted himself to any situation and excelled there

- Prime Minister: Impressive leadership

Here's my video explaining the chapter

The full excerpt of the chapter can be found here -

May God bless you, dear leader!

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